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Skunks, Muskrats, and Other Miscellaneous Nuisance Animals

Augusta, Georgia Regional Office of Rid-A-Critter

The Augusta, Georgia Regional Office of Rid-A-Critter provides control for many animals that aren't commonly-enough encountered to merit their own pages on our site. This page briefly discusses a few of these animals. But chances are that we can handle any critter problem you have; so if you don't see the animal listed anywhere on our site, please give us a call.

Skunk Removal

A striped skunk walking through a field

Skunks are common in Georgia, but usually they don't create any problems.

Skunks are medium-sized, primarily-nocturnal mammals known for their ability to spray a powerfully vile-smelling liquid at anyone or anything they believe is threatening their lives. The truth, however, is that mature skunks really don't like to spray, and they do so only as a last resort when they believe that their lives are in danger by an aggressor, and none of their other warnings have worked. These warnings may include snarling, hissing, arching their backs, stamping their feet, or any combination of the above.

The reasons that skunks don't like to spray are because it irritates them and because it leaves them defenseless. It takes a while for the liquid to regenerate after they spray, and during this period they're more vulnerable to attack. In addition, skunks are actually rather passive, almost friendly animals by nature. They also learn to recognize and become less defensive around familiar people who they know mean them no harm. But because they have poor vision, they may not immediately recognize you as one of the "nice" humans; so avoid any sudden movements when skunks -- even familiar ones -- are in the area.

If you happen to come across a skunk, try to act in as nonchalant and non-intimidating a manner as possible. Don't stand straight up at attention, stare it down, raise your hands, or smile. Those are all challenges in animal language. You're better off adopting a slightly submissive posture, slouching slightly with your head down and your hands at your side. Then calmly turn around and walk away. Chances are the skunk will do the same and get on with its business of hunting for insects, grubs, and small mammals.

Young skunks are a bit more likely to spray than mature skunks are. The young ones are more easily startled and have less control over their scent glands than adults do.

Skunks in the wild rarely cause any problems. Skunk trapping and removal only becomes necessary when a skunk is living in or under your home, such as in a crawl space or under a porch. Even then, the chances of it bothering an adult human are pretty slim if the person doesn't alarm it in any way. Children and pets, however, may scare a skunk even if they're just playing; so if you have kids or pets, then probably the skunk living under the porch has to go.

Muskrat Control

A muskrat swimming through the water

Muskrats occasionally make nuisances of themselves in areas by water

Muskrats are stocky, medium-sized, semi-aquatic rodents that are most easily identified by their unique tails, which are shaped like a knife standing on edge. They live along the edges of bodies of water and build nests (called "lodges") out of mud, twigs, and small branches. These lodges can cause localized flooding when they interfere with drainage.

In addition to the flooding problems, muskrats are also serious pests of farms and gardens. Like most rodents, they're nibblers by nature, and they tend to take just a bite or two out of any given plant, and then move on. So if you have a whole stand of squash plants, they'll take a bite out of each one, destroying far more food than they actually eat.

There isn't much that can be done to prevent muskrats from infesting an area other than fencing off gardens and crops and breaking up their lodges. If that's not enough, muskrat control near ponds, streams, and other bodies of water is achieved by trapping and removal on an "as-needed" basis, but there's no guarantee that new muskrats won't move in to replace the ones that were taken away.

Other Animals

Rid-A-Critter provides control of many other animals. We've taken care of problems with turtles, turkeys, chickens, and even owls that got trapped inside buildings and couldn't find their way out. So if you have a problem with any animal problem, please contact us. Chances are we can help.


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The Augusta, Georgia office of Rid-A-Critter provides animal control and animal proofing in Augusta Georgia and its surrounding areas, including Appling, Evans, Grovetown, Hephzibah, and Martinez, Georgia. Your town not listed? Contact us.

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